Mike & Jeanine - Mexico Wedding

-- Have Camera, Will Travel --

When a friend first ask if I would be interested in shooting his brothers wedding in Cancun, Mexico it took me a matter of 2 seconds to answer and another 10 seconds to pack my bag. 

Even though this was a working vacation, Mike, Jeanine and their family and friends could not have done more to make me feel like part of the party and encouraged me to come along and enjoy myself. 

Come the day of the wedding it seemed only natural that I be bumming around with the wedding party, camera in hand. 

The day turn out to be absolutely beautiful; The setting sun cast its last ray our way setting the Bride, Groom and wedding party aglow. The breeze tugged and pulled on veil and tie as the waves whispered their well wishes to the couple and they kissed for the first time as husband and wife.

A beautiful day it was, as a beautiful story was told.