Patrick & Jenna - Milwaukee Engagement Session

So Jenna is my sister, my best friend, my go to for everything girl. And Patrick, he's my male, gemini counterpart. When these two first met - Pat behind his drum set and Jenna bellied up to the bar (haha, don't hurt me!) - it didn't take long for those sparks to start flying. And, it didn't take long for me to jump on and play third wheel. I was 22, single and I wanted to be doing what they were doing. Biking, camping, going to shows and music festivals. - Don't worry, I had enough tact to know when to leave them be....(Right Pat? ... Jenna?) But, within those first couple years of their relationship (can I say "our" relationship?) I really got to know Pat and I really got to know Pat & Jenna together. They get adventurous together, make time to get away and travel and still know how to enjoy the simpler parts of life together. These two got what it takes and I couldn't be happier or more excited for what's ahead for them - and to tag along for some of the best parts! -- Special thanks to Erehwon for letting us use their camping section.